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Item-No. 211 511

tapHOME Alarm GSM - the simple alarm system for your house, flat or holiday home!

As well as being a generally pleasant place to be, your home should above all provide security. There has been a sharp increase the number of burglaries taking place and many people are considering installing an alarm system to ensure additional security within their own four walls. The "Alarm GSM" system from tapHOME offers a smart solution for the comprehensive protection of your home. Brilliant: thanks to powerful batteries, the entire system will continue to work reliably even if there is a power cut or sabotage to the power supply. The built-in battery (self-charging) ensures stand-alone operation for up to 16 hours.

If an alarm is triggered, the integrated GSM module sends warnings to the owner wherever he or she may be in the world, by text or call. No Wi-Fi or Internet connection is necessary for the system to operate. This makes tapHOME Alarm GSM the perfect solution for holiday apartments, rented flats or owner-occupied houses - without the need for cumbersome cabling. Sensors (add as many as you like, up to 50), are available for doors, windows, movement and smoke - covering all potential dangers. And the system has a range of up to 80m. Operating the alarm system, for example switching between "disarmed", "armed while present" and "armed during absence", or using the panic function to draw attention to yourself, is very intuitive and can be done using the remote control, optional keypad or even via the free app on your smartphone, when you are away from home. Even without a smartphone, the alarm system can be controlled by text from any mobile phone with text-messaging capability.

The fast and easy installation means that the system can be up and running within 30 minutes – with no previous knowledge!

A number of optional components such as keypads, RFID key fobs, additional sensors and an external siren are also available, allowing you to expand tapHOME Alarm GSM step-by-step, making it into a highly functional alarm system with up to 50 sensors and 10 remote controls.

All of the components supplied are already programmed into the central unit. All you have to do is insert your SIM card (not supplied) and get started.

Recommended retail price: 149,95 €

Box Contents

  • Central alarm unit (self-loading) with built-in siren and power supply unit
  • Two remote controls (1 black, 1 white) to attach to a keyring
  • Movement sensor with wall fixing for monitoring rooms, hallways etc.
  • Window/door sensor with adhesive pad for monitoring doors, windows and gates
  • 3 x AA batteries
  • German language operating instructions

Technical Information

Power supply
DC 12V
12V power supply unit
GSM frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Internal siren sound pressure level 90 dB
Frequency 433 MHz
Siren sound pressure level > 85 dB / 3 m
Range approx. 80 m (outdoors)
Case material ABS
Dimensions 180 x 126 x 26 mm
Power supply cable length 1 m